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Choosing The Right Roof

There many things to take into consideration when choosing your roof covering. Aesthetics is just one of them. There is also cost, durability, and functionality based on the style of your roof structure, i.e. a low slope vs. a steep one.

Your roof is made up of several elements that all work together to protect your home or business. It starts with the roof structure made up of rafters or trusses. They support the sheathing or decking, which is the wood and/or other material that lays across your trusses, which the covering attaches to. Flashing and drainage systems are added to joints and valleys to allow water to move freely off your roof. The covering you choose is just one piece of the puzzle. But it is the most important piece as everything else relies on it functioning properly.

Today’s options have come a long way from the thatched roofs of long ago. Let’s break down some pros and cons of the choice’s consumers have today:

Example of home with roof covered in Asphalt shingles ranging from blue to grey with truck.
Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles: The range in shingles goes from super simple, inexpensive basics to all the way to high end architectural elements. The basic shingles are thin and lightweight. They do the job and are the least expensive choice. One potential down side, is they are the most commonly used, so if your goal is to stand out, or your roof to have an element of design to it, perhaps an architectural shingle is more what you favor. These systems offer superior fire & wind resistance, manufacturer defect warranties, and offer some of the lowest life cycle costing of any steep slope roof covering system.

Home with architectural shingles and sunshine.
Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles:

These tend to be thicker with more texture to them,

and generally feature a laminated overlay tab for double thickness in random areas of the shingle surfaces. They can be made to look like wood shake, quarried slate and/or roof tile without the weight or expense of other options. They cost a bit more than their more basic cousins, but the finished aesthetics are at home in even the highest end residential architecture. Architectural Asphalt shingle systems offer the lowest cost of entry of any

of the traditional “Upgraded” roof covering options.

Home on lake with example of metal roofing.
Architectural Sheet Metal Roof

Architectural Sheet Metal roofing: Sheet Metal roofing has traditionally been a commercial steep slope system, but is a growing trend in recent years for residential applications. It is light weight, moisture resistant and comes in a variety of styles that range from painted metal to a faux shake or slate finishes. Initial costs are generally higher than that of architectural shingles, but make up for it in longevity and style.

Each manufacturer has multiple lines that can satisfy your wallet as well as your eye. If you are still not sure which route to go, please contact us for a design consultation. Just give us a call, and we can help.

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