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Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

Here in the Northwest, our winters can range from a light sprinkle to eight inches of snow in a matter of hours. Making sure your roof is ready to face that kind of workout now is key to preventing trouble later.

Here is a checklist to identify potential problems:

1) Remove any debris that could interfere with the proper function of your roofs drainage system, including the field, scuppers, gutters and downspouts.

2) Check skylights and chimneys for debris buildup around the perimeter.

3) Check flashing around Skylights, chimneys and vents for any areas that look compromised.

4) Walk the perimeter of the building and check for tree limbs that could be a problem. If they are beyond your ability to handle call a tree specialist to have them removed.

5) Look at the condition of your shingles. Flat shingles are healthy shingles. As they start to wear, they will curl along the edges. If you have quite a bit of curling, it is time to call a professional to have your roof inspected.

6) Go inside. Look in your attic at the underside of your roof for discoloration caused by undetected roof leaks, inadequate ventilation, etc..

We do not recommend getting on your roof to inspect it. It can be slick with unseen moss. It’s always best to call a professional to perform a service inspection and cleaning. When choosing a professional, make sure they are manufacturer certified, licensed, bonded, insured and understand the components of your roof. An improper repair can cause additional expenses later. If you need help finding a certified professional, please contact our office 24/7.

We recommend our service division to all our clients. We have multiple packages to serve every roof.

Now is the time to prepare and have one less worry this winter.

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