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What You Need To Know About AHERA and Asbestos

State and Federal laws regarding the possible disturbance of in place building materials or home renovations require Homeowners and building owners to conduct, or have conducted a  "Good Faith Survey" for Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) prior to the start of any renovation activities. 


The Good Faith Survey must be conducted by an AHERA/EPA Accredited Building Inspector. Copies of any materials Testing data and the complete report must be maintained by the Building/Home Owner, and provided to any and all contractors who propose work for the specific renovation activity, such as roof covering replacement. 

The following links may be helpful to you in better understanding the specific agencies that enforce these laws:

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Link to Specific PSCAA Homeowners Regulations

Download the Puget Sound Clean Air Information Sheets below:


Homeowners' Dos and Don'ts

2018 Forbes Magazine article about the prevalence of Asbestos today

L&I Asbestos Survey Information

L&I Asbestos Removal Information

Please ensure you follow the established guidelines when contemplating a renovation to your home or building. All licensed contractors should notify you of these requirements prior to submitting any bid for the proposed work.


As an AHERA/EPA Accredited Building Inspection company we can assist you with the "Good Faith Survey" inexpensively. Please contact us directly with any questions, or to schedule your survey today before any work begins. We are happy to provide a sample of our agreement and rates for inspections and material testing. 

Jeff L. Rankin, President

AHERA/EPA Accredited Building Inspector #1066352











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