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Safety Record

Safety is the number one priority on our job sites. At CRS we create a culture that emphasizes health and safety through education and practice. This philosophy benefits our customers in several ways. Our safety record attracts highly qualified employees with the right mindset. We believe in the importance of safety because we take our responsibility to our staff, customers, and the environment seriously. 

Experience Modification rating: (EMR) Is the statistical analysis of all Contracting businesses in Washington State, as published by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. EMR ratings describe a contractor's expenses in time loss and medical treatments vs. the premiums paid into the contractor's account. 

A 1.0 EMR suggests that premiums paid are equal to expenses/losses incurred. Anything under 1.0 is a testament to a contracting firm's commitment to a safe workplace.


For year 2019 CRS, Inc. earned an EMR of .681




Hours Without A Time Loss


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