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Professional Service & Maintenance vs. Handyman Roofing

When deciding who you let up on your roof for the most basic of tasks, you have a choice between using a licensed and bonded professional specifically trained for your type of roof system and a handyman service. Chances are they will both handle the basics just fine, broom cleaning and removing debris. But what happens next can be a costly choice on your part. Generally, the handyman will stop there and call the job done. A professional roofing service and maintenance contractor will go beyond that, probing all welded or bonded seams and testing for any suspect problems. The failed weld you see here would easily allow water to get under your roof, possibly travel to a wall and have the potential to do a great deal of damage before it was ever noticed. A trained service professional can prevent roof leaks and internal damage.

Failed Seam on Roof
Professional Service and Maintenance vs. Handyman

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