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Safety Measures During The Covid -19 Crisis

Covid -19 has affected every aspect of our lives. But roofs still leak and we still do our jobs.

We do our job while keeping our clients, staff and associates safe during and beyond these strange difficult times. Some of the safety measures are new, some were already in place. All of them exist because a leaky roof doesn’t know there is a pandemic going on.

Being roofing technicians, we are no strangers to safety protocol. We have safety monitors, meetings and measures in practice every day. Adding the new safety measures to our arsenal was not difficult. Especially since safety is our company’s number one concern.

The new measures, which we have implemented to protect against Covid 19 allow us to continue to serve our clients safely from step one, getting the estimate to the last step making payment. We have systems in place to allow homeowners to request an estimate on our website. Once we are ready to do the estimate, we use satellite imagining software to allow for no contact bids. When our team is on site they use the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) to keep us and our clients safe, including gloves, masks and glasses. The crew leaders administer health screenings including taking and logging temperatures before leaving for jobsites. While on the roof they practice social distancing, six feet apart, with safety monitors. We also establish portable washing stations for each site to allow for safe handwashing practices.

Our office staff is working hard from home. The wheels keep turning so our clients have the ability to communicate with us and pay their bills, still no with contact being observed.

Our community still has roofs over their heads that need to be taken care of and we are here to make sure it happens in the safest way possible so our residential and commercial clients can move forward with their projects. We are all in this together.

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