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What does a CMP (Certified Maintenance Professional) designation mean to your commercial roof?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

“The decision not to employ an aggressive roof maintenance program is costing building owners between $0.10 and $0.15 per s.f. Annually”- National Roofing Contractor’s Association

Your commercial roof is a huge investment. It is not something to be installed and then forgotten. Just like a car or any other piece of equipment made up of parts that must function in perfect unison, it must be maintained. If you don’t. You are putting your investment at risk.

Regular maintenance provided by Certified professionals can extend the life of your roof by up to 60%. Who does the certifying? GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. Their dedication to the training and support of roof maintenance professionals is what allows us to apply the same dedication and resources to our clients. CRS Service personnel are experienced factory-trained technicians capable of evaluating system structure and components, which are encountered during routine inspection and service.

According to GAF, “Less than 1% of roof failure is caused by defective roofing materials; leaving poor installation, severe weather, and lack of maintenance to blame.”… “A CMP’s job is to reduce the risk of unexpected expenses and unnecessary disruption that may occur if your roof leaks.”

Typical causes of premature roof materials failures are: Ultraviolet Exposure, structural movement, biological growth, non-approved tenant improvements, failure to address early signs of failure, etc.

Our program(s) emphasize inspection and communication of the potential for future problems so that Facilities Managers can use the information provided to make the very best decision(s) for their facility. Cleaning and maintenance extend the life of your roof and your building, and have the potential to save thousands in expenses.

One of the benefits of the maintenance program here at CRS Service is the written reports drafted and communicated to clients immediately after the initial inspection. These reports include condition assessment of the roofing, flashing, waterproofing, and surface water management systems, facility managers can use this information for planning purposes. Additionally, the manufacturers' warranty requirements for maintenance record keeping are met with the creation of these inspection reports.

Contracting with a CMP to be an advocate for your Facility's exterior building envelope makes good financial sense. They become familiar with your facility and can, therefore, identify areas of concern much easier. We have the CMP designation you need on your roof.

To view our CMP rating follow this link and check out the Awards & Designations section.

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