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Why Pressure Washing Your Shingle Roof Is A Bad Idea

It's getting to be the time of year where you look up at your roof and think, wow that needs some attention. The green patches of growth beckon to your inner need to break out your pressure washer. STOP! Resist the urge. Yes, we know your neighbor did it and his roof looks fantastic. But what you don't know is by pressure washing his roof, he has potentially stripped years off its useful life. Yes, we said YEARS.

Ceramic granules play a major role in the proper function of your roof. Over time your roof naturally loses some, but pressure washing accelerates the process. You are literally washing years of life off your roof.

Your next solution might be to reach for the hose and spray from the ladder or from the safety of your sidewalk. Still a bad idea. Your roof is designed to withstand water falling down from the sky, not up from the ground. Even the light pressure from your hose coming from the wrong direction can get in and loosen shingles causing more problems than a dirty roof.

The best way to handle washing an asphalt shingle roof is to blow or broom off loose debris from above and get in with a smaller stiff brush for stubborn patches.

Option B is to just call us and let us handle it for you. We have several, reasonably priced service maintenance agreements to choose from. We are happy to help. If you have questions about your roof, we have answers.

Shingle Roof
Clean Shingle Roof with Sky Light.

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