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The Snow is Gone, What Next?

A roof with storm damage.
Storm damage to roof.

The Puget Sound region has just experienced the largest snowfall totals in many years. Now that it’s gone, what is left to do?

Check list of things to look for:

1.) Debris – Broken limbs and branches could impact and damage roof covering or structural components, not only do you need to carefully remove it, but you must also inspect the impact area to make sure nothing penetrated your roof covering. Undetected damage could leak in the days or months to come, sometimes without you seeing the results until the damage is widespread.

2.) Drains and gutters - Make sure the downspouts of your gutters are free and clear of snow, ice and debris so they can properly funnel the water away from your roof as they are designed to do. NOTE: Snow and ice have a funny way of melting, which can result in ice-damns. Ice-damns are basically formed when the snow and ice starts to melt and has nowhere to go, refreezes and blocks the other melting water from disbursing properly. The result is water pooling in places it should not.

Safely removing snow from roof.
Remove snow from roof safely.

3.) Dangerous Footing - You may think the ice has melted, but it has a way of hiding from you just like it does on the road. Safety precautions should be taken. It is wise to call a professional who has the equipment required to properly protect workers from fall hazards.

4.) Timing Is Imperative - Now is the time. This past week, we've had many calls from clients concerned about the snow load and well-being of their roofs and roof structures. Your roof is designed to hold a certain amount of extra load. BUT the condition of your roof should be addressed BEFORE it is put to the test. There is little that can be accessed once your roof is covered in snow. Now that we have a break between storms is a good time to call and have any repairs done to prepare for the next weather event.

We’re here to help. If you need assistance with any of the items above, we are just a phone call away. 253-858-3044

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