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How To Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Rain Season

Even though it is sunny out and the skies are blue, Fall is just around the corner along with the rainy season. If you have not already been thinking about preparing your home for the storms ahead, now is the perfect time. A simple roof cleaning and maintenance checkup can go a long way to prevent disaster from striking this winter.

A skilled roofing technician can catch things as simple as a loose shingle, or as unexpected as an exterior mortar repair around your chimney. Finding these areas of need now, before the rain exposes the problem and causes more damage, can save you money and potential repairs later down the road.

Think of it this way, do you winterize your boat or RV in preparation for the season? Your roof is no different.

A good seasonal checkup should include the following:

- Broom clean roof surfaces

- Clean Gutters, roof drains, overflow drains, etc.

- Probe all welded seams to ensure proper seam condition (Low slope systems)

- Inspect and renew any caulking, cut edge sealant, etc.

- Access exterior condition of penetrations such as skylights and chimney

- Provide brief photo report to client upon completion of service

- Provide any recommended repairs, if any.

CRS Service LLC has a program to provide all of the above, both for commercial and residential roofs. There are several levels of service to fit any roof and any budget.

Please give us a call if we can answer any questions for you or be of further assistance.

Be sure to make your roof inspection a part of your annual home maintenance checklist.

Tremendous rain hitting a roof
Prep your roof for the rain season ahead.

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Alison Cooper
Alison Cooper
Jul 19, 2023

If you have cracks on your residential roof, it is very dangerous for you and your family members in the rain because these small cracks turned into a major tragedy. Always call Roof Repair Miramar experts because they have experienced staff, who repair your roof property to avoid accidents in rainy seasons.

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